Potsdam Fire Closes A Successful 2016-2017 Year!
By Fire Chief Danielle Rose
April 10, 2017

As the 2016-2017 year comes to a close for the members of the Potsdam Fire Department (our year closes on April 1st), we would like to take a minute to share some of the department’s milestones of the year.

In 2016-2017, the members of the Potsdam Fire Department responded to a total of 530 incidents. Of those 530 incidents, Potsdam Fire responded to Clarkson University 101 times, SUNY Potsdam 98 times, Canton-Potsdam Hospital 9 times and the other 322 of those calls were to other businesses, homes, etc.

A break down by month of how many incidents Potsdam Fire responded to: April 2016- 48 incidents, May 2016- 40 incidents, June 2016- 34 incidents, July 2016- 44 incidents, August 2016- 51 incidents, September 2016- 55 incidents, October 2016- 54 incidents, November 2016- 34 incidents, December 2016- 43 incidents, January 2016- 30 incidents, February 2016- 44 incidents, and March 2016- 53 incidents.

Of the incidents, there were 30 fires, 1 explosion, 76 Rescue &EMS (motor vehicle accidents, assist the Rescue Squad with a driver, etc.), 57 hazardous conditions (no fire) such as CO alarms, gas leaks, steam leaks, etc., 20 service calls, 36 good intent calls, 309 false alarms, and 1 severe weather/Natural Disaster.

With 530 incidents throughout the year, also come all the extra trainings, and miscellaneous hours that go with running a firehouse. Potsdam Fire did have seven members complete 300 or more hours of service for this year. Those members were Bobby Robar with a total of 595 hours, Danielle Rose with a total of 529 hours, Brad Andrus with a total of 479 hours, Justin McGregor with a total of 474 hours, Corey Matthie with a total of 395 hours, Jim Corbett with a total of 390 hours and David Monahan with a total of 379 hours.

The members of the Potsdam Fire Department would like to once again thank the community for their support for not only the 2016 year, but for every year!


Timothy A Levison April 13, 2017 at 9:30 AM
As mayor of Norwood I salute your dedication to the protection of the community. Its good to know you are there if we need you.