Mutual Aid to Structure Fire In Canton
By Fire Chief Danielle Rose
June 13, 2017

Potsdam Fire was requested by Canton Fire to provide manpower and Tower 5 for a confirmed structure fire at Bourdeau Brothers located at 5999 US Highway 11, Canton last evening around 4:46PM.

Tower 5, Engine 48, and Rescue 14 responded immediately.

Upon arrival Potsdam firefighters were assigned to the “A side” of the building. The tower was placed to provide a water curtain for the adjacent buildings while containing the fire to the one building.

With Canton’s hydrant system already flowing as much water as it possibly could while supply Canton’s Tower 1 and Engine 6, Potsdam Fire had to set up a tanker shuttle to make sure enough water was being shuttled to supply Potsdam’s Tower 5. A fill site was set up at the new Medical Center Complex on US Highway 11. Potsdam Engine 80 and Tanker 100, West Potsdam E116, Hannawa Falls ETA 120 and West Stockholm TA91 provided tankers for the shuttle for Potsdam’s Tower 5.

Due to a partial building collapse in the center of the building, tower operations were crucial in putting the fire out.

All Potsdam units were back in service at 7:43PM.

Potsdam Fire would like to extend our thanks to Parishville Fire for providing a stand-by crew at Potsdam Fire while our members were at the fire.

Units: Engine 48 (M. Bradish), Tower 5 (D. McGregor), Rescue 14 (J. Mason), TA 100 (A. Jerome), Engine 80 (J. Keleher)
Mutual Aid: Parishville Fire (Standby at Potsdam Station)
Watertown Daily Times photo
Watertown Daily Times photo
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