District 3 Holds Their Annual Drill
By Fire Chief Danielle Rose
September 30, 2017

Potsdam Fire, Hannawa Falls Fire, West Potsdam Fire and West Stockholm Fire took advantage of the brisk fall morning on Saturday September 30th and put their skills to work while conducting District 3’s annual drill. This year’s district drill consisted of vehicle fires and extinguishing fires on the gas props.
Members of the fire departments were briefed by Instructor Ted Schulz before heading out to the training grounds at St. Lawrence County George Briggs Fire Training Center. Members donned their personal protective equipment and began performing the tasks that were assigned to them. Members were reminded of the many safety measures that need to be taken when it comes to vehicle fires, why wearing full personal protective equipment is so important, and briefed on the changes in vehicle manufacturing techniques and their effect on vehicle fires.

Members were able to simulate an engine compartment fire, a trunk compartment fire, and a fully involved vehicle fire. Members were also shown different methods to obtaining entry into the engine compartment, trunk area, and doors if the normally used mechanisms are not working properly due to the fire.

The second half of the drill was spent on gas incident recognition, safety, and containment. Members were briefed on different incidents that departments may be responding to within their districts. Many natural gas pipelines run though our districts, along with railway and cargo vehicles which pass through our districts daily. Members were also briefed on different responses they may encounter while responding to a gas incident at some residences within our response area.

After being briefed, the members put their skills to work on the gas props that are located on the training grounds. Members learned the importance of taking half steps while moving forwarded, the proper stream pattern that should be used to protect themselves while gaining entry to the gas shut off, the importance of never turning your back to the fire, and keeping the fog pattern on the fire while backing out of the hot zone.

The members would like to thank Ted Shultz for your dedication to our communities and the safety of our firefighters along with Deputy Coordinator Bob White for setting this drill up for our members!