Schwan's Delivery Truck Misses Driveway While Backing Up
By Fire Chief Danielle Rose
November 30, 2017

On November 30, 2017, at approximately 8:34PM, the Potsdam Fire Department were dispatched to 748 Old Potsdam-Parishville Road for a report of a possible propane leak on a Schwan’s delivery trucks.

Engine 80, Rescue 14, and 36-1 were enroute at the time of dispatch.

Upon arrival, it was determined that the Schwan’s truck was backing out of a residences driveway when the driver lost sight of the driveway, which resulted, with half of the truck ending up in the culvert while the other half remained on the driveway.

Members inspected the propane tanks, which are on board of the Schwan’s delivery vehicles to keep the frozen food cool, to make sure no damage were done to the tanks. No
damage was sustained to the tanks and the driver of the vehicle was uninjured.

The scene was turned over to the Sheriff’s department and all units were back in service at 9:48PM.

Units: Engine80 (B. Andrus), Rescue 14 (B. Corbett)
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