Quick Response Prevents Fire Spread
By Fire Driver Robert Crowe
June 23, 2018

At 6:05 am Potsdam Fire was dispatched to 109 Racquette Road for a reported vehicle fire that was threatening several other vehicles. Engine 49, operated by Career Fire Driver Robert Crowe, was enroute immediately and was on scene less than 3 minutes later. Assistant Chief Jay Bradish arrived on scene just ahaead of Engine 49 and advised that there were now two vehicles involved and several more threatened. Upon Engine 49's arrival, a line was stretched and Past Chief Robert Robar began putting water on the initial vehicle while additional personnel were gearing up in SCBA. Assistant Chief Bradish and Firefigher Jessie Kozak then relieved Past Chief Robar on the line and moved in to extinguish the fires. The quick response and subsequent knockdown limited the damage to the two vehicles involved in fire and one addidtional vehicle suffereing heat damage. There were numerous addtional vehicles as well as a multi-unit apartment building that were threatened had the fire continued to grow and extend. The fire was investigated by the St. Lawrence County Fire Investigation Team. Eleven members ultimately responded and all units were back in service at 8:30.

Units: Engine 49 (Career Fire Driver Crowe)