2018 A Record Setting Year for PFD
By Fire Driver Robert Crowe
January 1, 2019

2018 was a record setting year for the Potsdam Fire Department. The volunteers and career staff answered a total of 611 calls for the calendar year. This represents the highest number of calls in one year in the 161 year history of the fire department. This total included 42 fire calls (18 building fires), 2 explosions, 76 rescue/EMS calls (44 motor vehicle accidents, 25 assist EMS calls), 32 service calls (pump details, assist other agencies), 62 good intent calls,
and 322 false alarms. Fifty eight fire department personnel spent 4,184 hours at incidents over the course of the year. These hours don't included hours spent at training, meetings, and fundraising. This represents a significant time investment by the members of the Potsdam Fire Department in the protection of their neighbors in the Potsdam community.