Mutual Aid to West Potsdam for Extrication and Shed Fire
By Firefighter Mark Maroney
October 20, 2019

On Sunday October 20th 2019, Potsdam Fire was requested to respond mutual aid to West Potsdam Fire twice during the day. The first call was at 0632 hours, when 47-1 (J. Dibble) requested Potsdam Fire to respond Rescue 14 for extrication to the scene of a personal injury motor vehicle accident at 176 Ellis Road. The male subject was reported to be still in the passenger seat of the vehicle. At 0637 hours, Rescue 14 (J. Kozak) responded and arrived at 0647 hours. Rescue 30 (M. Hoy) responded shortly after with a full crew. On scene, firefighters assisted West Potsdam and Potsdam Rescue with extricating the patient from the vehicle using the hydraulic rescue tools . The patient was transported to Canton-Potsdam Hospital by Potsdam Rescue. Potsdam Fire was in service at 0740 hours.

The second call of the day, West Potsdam Fire was dispatched to respond to a shed fire at 88 Flat Rock Road. Potsdam Fire and Norwood Fire was requested by 47-1 to respond engine, tanker, and man power to the scene. At 1454 hours, Engine 80 (S. Corbett) responded followed by Rescue 14 (Ju. McGregor), and Tanker 100 (J. Keleher). Units arrived on scene at 1459 hours. Engine 48 was requested to respond to draft at the short end of the Flat Rock Road shortly afterwards. Engine 48 (D. McGregor) responded but was canceled shortly after by 36-2 (M. Bradish). Firefighters on scene assisted West Potsdam Fire with suppressing the shed fire. Potsdam Fire was back in service at 1531 hours.

Units: Rescue 14 (J. Kozak), Rescue 30 (M. Hoy) Engine 80 (S. Corbett), Rescue 14 (Ju. McGregor), Tanker 100 (J. Keleher), Engine 48 (D. McGregor)
Mutual Aid: To West Potsdam Fire