Firefighters Respond to Structure Fire in Norwood
By Fire Driver Mark Maroney
December 23, 2019

On Monday, December 23rd 2019, Norwood firefighters were called to a fire on South Main Street in Norwood. Norwood 30-1 confirmed a working fire and requested Potsdam Fire with the tower and manpower to the scene. At 2158 hours, Engine 48 (B. Andrus), Tower 5 (J. Corbett) and Rescue 14 (J. Farnsworth) responded and arrived on scene at 2203 hours.

Potsdam's Tower 5 operated at the front of the structure and members performed interior and roof operations. Three roof cuts were made to prevent the spread of fire from the fire building to the attached buildings next door. Engine 48 set up at the corner of Park Street and State Highway 56 and was tasked to hook to the hydrant and flow water to Tower 5. Due to complications with the hydrant system, a porta pond was dropped and more tankers were requested to the scene for a tanker shuttle. Tanker 100 (J. Mason) responded and assisted in the tanker shuttle. Water was not supplied to Tower 5 due to the strong knockdown of the fire. The fire was confined to the building of origin. Firefighters assisted with checking for extension in the adjoining buildings and completed salvage and overhaul.

The fire is under investigation by The St. Lawrence County Fire Investigation team. St. Lawrence County Sheriff's and Norwood Police assisted on scene.

Units: Engine 48 (B. Andrus), Tower 5 (J. Corbett), Rescue 14 (J. Farnsworth), Tanker 100 (J. Mason)
Mutual Aid: To Norwood Fire