Electrical Outlet Fire at Clarkson University, Student Center
By Fire Driver Mark Maroney
January 25, 2020

On Saturday, January 25th 2020 at 0639 hours, Potsdam Fire received a call from Clarkson Safety & Security reporting that an electrical outlet on the second floor of the Student Center was arcing and smoking. At 0640 hours, Potsdam Fire Engine 49 responded staffed by Paid Driver J. Robar and M. Maroney and arrived on scene at 0642 hours.

On scene, it was found that a custodian was using a floor cleaner who struck an embedded electrical outlet in the floor causing the electrical outlet to catch on fire. On arrival, the electrical outlet was still smoldering. Firefighters used a thermal imaging camera to check for extension where it was found it did not extend further. Firefighters waited for maintenance from Clarkson to respond who then shut the breaker off to the outlets. Potsdam Fire was in service at 0720 hours.

Units: Engine 49 (J. Robar)