Structure Fire in Unionville
By Fire Driver Jerry Robar
February 11, 2020

On Tuesday February 11, 2020, at 2048 hours, Potsdam Fire Department was dual dispatched along with Norwood Fire Department to a reported basement fire at 573 Sissonville Road, in Unionville.

Potsdam 36-1 (T.Jerome) arrived on scene a few minutes after the tones dropped and advised that this was a working structure fire.

Potsdam Engine 80 (B. Andrus) checked enroute, followed shortly by Rescue 14 (B. Corbett) and Tanker 100 (J. Farnsworth).

Norwood Engine 42 was the first apparatus arriving on scene. Firefighters from Potsdam and Norwood quickly stretched lines from the engine, donned their SCBA’s (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus), and teamed up to start an interior attack.

Once inside, firefighters were hit with heavy smoke on the first floor and fire in the basement. Firefighters communicated with command outside asking for ventilation to take place ASAP. A few exterior personnel were able to remove the large amounts of snow, and plywood that was covering up the basements small windows, and were able to put water on the fire from the exterior openings which gave the interior crew a better handle on extinguishing the rest of the fire. Once the fire was under control, firefighters began overhaul.

Potsdam Tower 5 (J. Mason) arrived on scene and was utilized to open the gable end on the front of the house for ventilation purposes.

Potsdam Engine 48 (J. Corbett) responded to the dry hydrant on the Hewitville Road to establish draft.

West Potsdam Fire was requested to the scene with one tanker, and West Stockholm Fire was requested to the scene with interior personnel.

Norfolk Fire was requested to standby for Norwood Fire.

Units: Engine 80 (B.Andrus) Engine 48 (J. Corbett) Tanker 100 (J. Farnsworth) Rescue 14 (B. Corbett) Tower 5 (J. Mason)
Mutual Aid: Norwood Fire West Stockholm Fire West Potsdam Fire Norfolk Fire