Jaws Used for Personal Injury Accident in Village
By Fire Driver Mark Maroney
February 22, 2020

On Saturday, February 22nd 2020, at 1649 hours, Potsdam Fire, Potsdam Rescue, and Potsdam Police were dispatched to respond in front of Jrecks Subs by Depot Street and Market Street for a multi vehicle accident with unknown injuries. At the time of alarm, Potsdam Fire Engine 49 (M. Maroney) responded and arrived at 1651 hours. Engine 49 positioned at the intersection of Depot Street and Market Street. 36-1 (T. Jerome), 36-2 (M. Bradish), 36-3 (Dan McGregor), and 36-4 (J. Perry) responded to the scene.

On scene, four vehicles were found to be involved in the motor vehicle accident. A vehicle on Depot Street was found to have a patient still inside of the vehicle that was trapped at the time. Firefighters stretched the Hurst Jaws off of Engine 49 and started to extricate the victim out of the vehicle. Firefighters also stretched a 100 foot bumper line off of E-49 for precaution and also had an ABC extinguisher. Engine 49 provided lighting for the scene. Firefighters provided traffic control during the time of the accident. Firefighters were able to successfully extricate the victim out of the vehicle. Two patients were transported by Potsdam Rescue to Canton-Potsdam Hospital. The vehicles were removed from the scene by Johnson's Towing. Firefighters used speedy dry to soak vehicle fluids up and removed debris from the roadway. The scene was investigated by Potsdam Police. Potsdam Fire was in service at 1756 hours.

Units: Engine 49 (M. Maroney)