Structure Fire at Mid-Town Apartments
By Fire Driver Mark Maroney
March 6, 2020

On Friday, March 6th 2020 at 0836 hours, Potsdam Fire was dispatched to respond to 28 Munson Street, for a report of smoke on the third floor. Engine 49, Chauffeured by Village Fire Driver Jerry Robar responded immediately and arrived on scene at 0840 hours. Upon Engine 49's arrival, they were advised the fire was in apartment 302, and believed to be contained. Members responded to the third floor and were met with thick smoke and requested a hand line be stretched. While members began stretching a 1 3/4" hand line, Engine 49 transmitted a 2nd alarm for a working fire, and Potsdam Command, Chief Tim Jerome requested West Stockholm Fire and West Potsdam Fire with manpower to the scene. Firefighters were able to contain and extinguish the fire in a bedroom of apartment 302. Once Mutual aid companies arrived, primary and secondary searches were completed on each of the 5 floors of the apartment complex.

Once the fire was extinguished, Firefighters checked for extension using Thermal imaging cameras, and ventilated the smoke from the building using exhaust fans.

Additional ambulances were also brought to the scene from Parishville Fire and Rescue, Canton Rescue, and Norfolk Rescue. St. Lawrence County deputy fire Coordinator J. Hammond along with J. Mitchell responded to the scene as well.

The fire is currently under investigation by the Potsdam Police Department along with the St. Lawrence County Fire Investigation Team.

Potsdam Fire was in service at 1041 hours.

It is worth noting that this call was originally dispatched as a medical alarm, with Potsdam Rescue responding and reporting the fire. After Rescue personnel reported the fire, they began evacuations. The Potsdam Police Department along with two employees of the Department of Public Works who are also volunteers with the Potsdam Fire Department deployed fire extinguishers onto the fire before the Fire Departments arrival. These actions helped avoid what could of been a much worse incident.

Units: Engine 49 (J. Robar), Tower 5 (J. Corbett), Engine 48 (J. Keleher), Rescue 14 (J. Farnsworth)
Mutual Aid: West Stockholm Fire, West Potsdam Fire, Parishville Rescue, Canton Rescue, Norfolk Rescue