Possible Structure Fire At Co-Op Bakery Is Clogged Chimney
By Fire Driver Mark Maroney
April 9, 2022

On Saturday, April 9th 2022, at 1707 hours, Potsdam Fire, Potsdam Rescue, and County Car 10 were dispatched to 24 Elm Street, the Potsdam CO-OP Bakery for fire alarms going off and smoke in the building. At the time of alarm, Engine 49 (B. Crowe) responded and arrived on scene at 1709 hours with smoke coming out the front door of the bakery. Firefighters then used SCBA and stretched a hose line into the structure. As a precaution, 5" large diameter hose was stretched to the road in case it became necessary to connect to the fire hydrant across the street. There was heavy smoke throughout the building but no fire was located, aside from the wood fired baking oven. Chiefs Jerome (36-1) and Bradish (36-2) decided not to extinguish the fire in the oven as it would likely damage the oven and put the bakery out of commission for a while. Further investigation determined that the smoke condition was caused by a blockage in the chimney for the oven. The Bakery was ventilated and Tower 5 (J.Corbett) was put in service to provide access to the chimney for inspection. Noting the blockage, firefighters then used the chimney fire chain and lowered it down the chimney and, in conjunction with chimney brushes, cleared the blockage from the chimney. There was no extension outside of the chimney into the structure. Potsdam Fire was in service at 1831 hours.

Units: Engine 49 (B. Crowe), Tower 5 (J. Corbett), Rescue 14 (S. Corbett)