Rescue 14 Mutual Aid to West Potsdam Fire for Extrication
By Fire Driver Mark Maroney
April 29, 2022

On Friday, April 29th 2022, at 1524 hours, West Potsdam Fire, Potsdam Rescue, and County Car 10 were dispatched to the intersection of County Route 34 and Flat Rock Road for a two car motor vehicle accident with air bag deployment and possible personal injury. County Car 10 (Pierce), after arriving on scene and finding two patients still inside of a vehicle, requested Potsdam Fire with Rescue 14 for extrication at the scene. At 1537 hours, Rescue 14 Chauffeured by Paid Driver Bob Crowe responded and arrived on scene at 1541 hours. Potsdam Rescue and Canton Rescue responded for patient care. West Potsdam Fire and Potsdam Fire worked together and began to extricate the victims out of the vehicle. The roof of the vehicle was removed and a dash roll was performed by firefighters, who then were able to successfully extricate the final victim out of the vehicle. Potsdam Rescue and Canton Rescue transported all three victims to Canton-Potsdam Hospital. Rescue 30 responded and performed traffic control at the intersection of State Highway 345 and County Route 34 as County Route 34 and Flat Rock Road were shut down for several hours. The accident was investigated by the St. Lawrence County Sheriff's Office. Potsdam Fire was in service at 1923 hours.

Units: Rescue 14 (B. Crowe), Rescue 30 (C. Frost)
Mutual Aid: To West Potsdam