One Car Motor Vehicle Accident on River Road
By Fire Driver Mark Maroney
May 17, 2022

On Tuesday, May 17th 2022 at 2047 hours, Potsdam Fire, Potsdam Rescue, and County Car 10 were dispatched to a reported one car property damage accident with airbag deployment in the vicinity of 172 River Road. At the time of call, dispatch was stating no reported injuries. At 2049 hours, 36-1 (T. Jerome) responded and arrived on scene a few moments later. 36-1 advised that there were no injuries and that Potsdam Rescue can stand down. At 2052 hours, Engine 80 (J. Keleher) responded and arrived on scene at 2057 hours. On scene, firefighters performed traffic control. The scene was investigated by the New York State Police. Potsdam Fire was in service at 2129 hours.

Units: Engine 80 (J. Keleher