Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accident on State Highway 11B
By Fire Driver Mark Maroney
August 2, 2022

On Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022 at 0650 hours, Potsdam Fire, Potsdam Rescue, and County Car 10 were dispatched to the vicinity of 443 State Highway 11B for a personal injury motor vehicle accident, reporting a tractor trailer vs car. At 0654 hours, Engine 80 (J. Keleher) responded. As Engine 80 was responding, Potsdam Station took a landline call reporting that extrication would be needed. Rescue 14 operated by Paid Driver Maroney then responded with off-going Paid Driver Robar staying to staff the station. 36-3 (Dan McGregor) checked enroute followed by 36-1 (T. Jerome). Units arrived on scene at 0657 hours.

On arrival, firefighters found a Chevrolet pickup truck with extreme front end damage and the operator still inside. Further, down the road was a Wight & Patterson tractor trailer on the side of the highway that was jackknifed with heavy front end damage and that operator was not injured. The engine of the pickup truck was thrown from the engine compartment and laying in the field next to the highway.

Firefighters stretched a line off of Engine 80 and deployed the jaws of life tools off of Rescue 14. Firefighters were able to force the door of the pickup truck with a halligan tool and gained access to the patient.

Firefighters and members from Potsdam Rescue removed the patient from the vehicle with a backboard, who was then transported to Canton-Potsdam Hospital by Potsdam Rescue. West Stockholm Fire was requested to shut down State Highway 11B at the Heath Road and State Highway 11B at the Hatch Road. 36-1 requested New York State DEC for diesel fuel leaking from the tractor trailer. Johnson's Towing removed the pickup truck and the engine from the scene. Route 11 Truck & Equipment responded and removed the tractor and the trailer from the scene. The accident was investigated by the St. Lawrence County Sheriff's Office. Once both vehicles were removed from the scene, speedy dry was used to absorb fluids and debris was swept off the roadway. The Village of Potsdam public works responded with a loader mounted broom to assist NYSDOT with highway cleanup.

Potsdam Fire was in service at 0950 hours.

Units: Engine 80 (J. Keleher), Rescue 14 (M. Maroney)
Mutual Aid: West Stockholm Fire , Village of Potsdam DPW, NY State DOT