Citizens Asked To Attend Village Board Meeting on Monday
August 11, 2022

We're there for you 24/7, and now The Potsdam Fire Department needs YOUR support! The Village officials are considering eliminating one of the paid driver positions when the driver retires this fall.
Often, these drivers are the first responders on the scene during fire calls, especially overnight. These are the people who give your children hats when you walk by the station, they do fire safety instruction at our local schools, and they're the ones who always answer the call when the fire alarm rings.
In your time of need, they're the first people you see. The Village needs these positions to ensure the safety of all of its residents. The Potsdam Fire Department does not feel that eliminating this position is in the best interest of the community.
You can help us retain this position by simply attending the Potsdam Village Board Meeting on Monday, August 15 at 4:30pm at village meeting room. Thank you!