Fire at Clarkson University Laboratory
By Fire Driver Matthew Kroeger
February 19, 2023

On Sunday February 19th, 2023 at 0800 Potsdam Fire received an automatic dialer for an alarm activation at the Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) and Rowley Laboratories. Engine 49 was out of service immediately chauffeured by Fire Driver Matthew Kroeger. Engine 49 arrived on scene at approximately 0804 and met with Clarkson Security. Upon investigating the alarm and searching the building a fire, which appeared to be contained to a trash can, was found to be inside one of the laboratories. Fire Driver Kroeger quickly extinguished the fire with an ABC extinguisher on scene. Due to the amount of smoke inside the laboratory Fire Driver Kroeger asked for a second alarm and manpower to the scene. Firefighter James Corbett brought R-14 and additional members responded to the scene. The smoke was evacuated from the laboratory and the alarm reset with no issues. The scene was turned over to Clarkson Security for investigation. All units were back in service at 0853.

Units: E-49 (M. Kroeger), R-14 (J. Corbett)