Department Training - May 2023
By Lieutenant Cameron Frost
May 7, 2023

On Sunday, May 7th, 2023, the Potsdam Fire Department hosted monthly training at the St. Lawrence County Fire Training Center, accompanied by Hannawa Falls Fire and West Potsdam Fire. The department's combined crews to work through several training exercises including hose advancement, propane/gas leak operations, tower operations, search and rescue, and trench cutting. Also included was a breathe-down exercise where members prove their SCBA competence and compete against each other.

Units: Tower-5 (S. Corbett), Engine-48 (J. Corbett), Rescue-14 (C. Frost), Rescue-30 (B. Bahr / M. Keleher)
Mutual Aid: Hannawa Falls Fire, West Potsdam Fire