Structure Fire in Parishville
By Fire Driver Mark Maroney
July 19, 2023

On Wednesday, June 19th 2023, at 1356 hours, Central Dispatch received a report of a building on fire and explosions at 675 County Route 58 in Parishville. At 1400 hours, Parishville First Assistant Chief Jeff McGregor (33-2) requested Potsdam Fire with a tanker and manpower to the scene. At 1404 hours, Potsdam Fire Tanker 100 (J. Keleher) responded followed two minutes later by Rescue 14 (J. Kozak). Parishville also requested Colton Fire with a tanker and engine to draft on Wildwood Road and Hannawa Falls Fire with a tanker to the scene. At 1411 hours, Parishivlle Fire arrived on scene, finding the building fully involved in fire and partially collapsed. Assistant Chief McGregor then requested Tower 5 and an additional engine from Potsdam Fire to the scene. Additional tankers were requested from Pierrepont Fire. Tower 5 (J. Corbett) and Engine 80 (J. Bradish) responded to the scene.

On scene, firefighters battled the the fire within the collapsed building. Firefighters worked to extinguish hot spots and to pull metal roofing material from the roof that had collapsed, in order to extinguish the flames. The high air temperatures and the lack of manpower made it difficult for firefighters on scene. An additional 2nd alarm was made for all fire departments on scene to get more manpower to the scene and relieve the initial responding personnel. Command eventually made the decision to request an excavator to help with pulling apart the collapsed building, allowing for better access for extinguishment. Tower 5 was set up with it's master stream to extinguish the fire from an elevated position with large volumes of water. A tanker shuttle was set up to fill porta tanks for Engine 80, which was supplying Tower 5. Tankers were on scene from Parishville, Potsdam, Pierrepont, Colton, Hannawa Falls.

West Stockholm Fire was requested into Potsdam Fire Station with pumper, tanker, manpower. West Stockholm Fire's manpower was moved up to the fire scene in Parishville as relief and West Potsdam Fire then was requested to standby at Potsdam Station with manpower.

Potsdam Fire was in service at 1758 hours.

Units: Tanker 100 (J. Keleher), Rescue 14 (J. Kozak), Tower 5 (J. Corbett), Engine 80 (J. Bradish)
Mutual Aid: Given to: Parishville Fire Received from: West Stockholm Fire (pumper and tanker) and West Potsdam Fire ( manpower)