Potsdam Fire Runs Chimney Fire on State Highway 11B
By Fire Driver Mark Maroney
January 21, 2024

For its second fire of the day, Potsdam Fire, Potsdam Rescue, and County Car 10 were dispatched to a reported chimney fire with flames showing at 400 State Highway 11B at 1347 hours. Engine 80 (J. Bradish) was enroute at the larm time and arrived on scene at 1354 hours. Tanker 100 (Dave McGregor), Tower 5 (S. Corbett), and Engine 48 (B. Corbett) responded shortly after Engine 80. When Engine 80 arrived on scene, an active chimney fire was found and a second alarm for Potsdam Fire was requested. Firsrt Assistant Chief Mark Bradish (36-2) arrived on scene and requested West Stockholm Fire with manpower to the scene.

Firefighters found that the chimney fire had extended into the structure and was burning in the adjacent wall. Firefighters used a ground ladder, chainsaw, and hand tools to take apart the siding and stretched an 1 3/4" hoseline off of E-80 to extinguish the fire . A thermal imaging camera was used to check for extension and to ensure the fire was out. Tower 5 was set up and firefighters were able to drop a chain down the chimney to clean it out and remove the burning material. The Town of Potsdam Code Enforcement Officer was requested and responded to the scene. Potsdam Rescue was on standby for the fire No injuries occurred or were reported during the incident.. Potsdam Fire was in service at 1543 hours.

The Potsdam Fire Department reminds residents to ensure that their chimney's are cleaned regularly and that only seasoned wood is used in order to reduce creosote buildup and prevent chimney fires.

Units: Engine 80 (J. Bradish), Tanker 100 (Dave McGregor), Tower 5 (S. Corbett), Engine 48 (B. Corbett)
Mutual Aid: Received from West Stocholm Fire