Mutual Aid to Parishville Fire
By Fire Driver Mark Maroney
June 15, 2024

On Saturday, June 15th 2024, at 0041 hours, Parishville Fire, Parishville Rescue, County Car 36 were dispatched to a reported fully engulfed house fire at 960 State Highway 72. 33-1 Dude Cool requested Potsdam Fire with engine, tanker, and manpower to the scene. Colton Fire was also requested to the scene with a tanker and Hopkinton-Fort Jackson was requested to Parishville Station to fill tankers. At 0055 hours, Tanker 100 (J. Keleher) and Engine 80 (S. Corbett) responded, followed by Rescue 14 (M. Keleher), and arrived on scene at 0102 hours.

At this point, the house was mostly consumed by fire where firefighters began to set up a defensive fire attack. Engine 80 set up a water supply by dropping porta tanks to supply Parishville's ETA-45 with water. 36-1 (M. Bradish) assisted with water supply on scene. Tanker 100 joined the tanker shuttle with Parishville Fire, Colton Fire, and Hopkinton-Fort Jackson Fire. Firefighters on scene performed exterior scene work as the stairs and floors were burnt through inside the structure. After several hours, Tanker 100 and Rescue 14 were sent back and Tower 5 was requested to the scene. Once Tower 5 was set up, firefighters began to ventilate the structure and removed the ridge cap of the roof. Tower 5's master stream was utilized to extinguish any hot spots that remained inside of the structure. West Stockholm Fire and Hopkinton- Fort Jackson were also on scene with manpower.

The cause of the fire is under investigation by St. Lawrence County Fire Investigation Team and New York State Fire. Potsdam Fire was in service at 1013 hours.

Units: Tanker 100 (J. Keleher), Engine 80 (S. Corbett), Rescue 14 (M. Keleher), Tower 5 (J. Keleher)
Mutual Aid: To Parishville Fire